A warning: this Vancouver mansion is not for the faint of heart. With more than 7,300 square feet of living space, this six-bedroom, eight-bathroom masterpiece is—scientifically speaking—a whole lot of house. (And we didn’t even mention the wet bar, wine cellar, rec room, home spa and personal gym.) Talk about a flex.

But this Vancouver West home smoke-show (currently for sale for $10-million-plus) wasn’t always this glamorous. Originally built in 1999, the Hudson House underwent a major transformation thanks to dynamic design duo Patrick Warren and Sita Walia. Warren is a senior associate with the award-winning Frits de Vries Architects and Associates (fun fact: they’ve been shortlisted for our Designer of the Year Awards eight straight years), and Walia works as an architectural and interior designer and is co-founder of Awoke Company. Together, this dream team set out to rebuild the dated dwelling from the ground up, preserving as much of its previous character as they could while tearing down walls and opening up rooms—breathing new life and flow into the home.

Before and After: Staircase

The design team amped up the existing staircase by integrating it into the walls, adding free-floating steps, and improving its structural integrity for a sleek and modern look. The chandelier by Bocci has a stunning droplet effect; this same pearl-like design is also carried through in the kitchen lighting. Photo: Janis Nicolay

Originally built with a conventional “boxy” design, Warren and Walia wanted to transform the space to create a feeling of openness and freedom for the future occupants—likely a bustling family with kids running around through the open-concept spaces. This was their guiding principle as they disassembled the defined enclosure, allowing the house to flow seamlessly. “It’s never functional at the expense of being beautiful,” says Warren.

Photo: Janis Nicolay

One of the most impressive features of the home is the expansive open-concept indoor-outdoor living space. With a 33-foot glass wall that opens up to a serene terrace and garden featuring a soothing waterfall, this space is perfect for either hosting a fabulous party or finding a moment of personal zen.

Before and After: Family Room

Photo: Janis Nicolay
Photo: Janis Nicolay

Before and After: Lower Level Media Room into Lower Courtyard

Photo: Janis Nicolay
Photo: Janis Nicolay

But don’t be fooled by the minimalist aesthetic. With thoughtful attention to detail, the pair were able to transform the space into a snug and personal sanctuary that radiates comfort and elegance. “We were able to create bases for personalization where the homeowner can make it their own home,” says Walia. “But at the same time, you wouldn’t have to fill a wall or a ledge with all your photos and all your objects to make it feel like your own necessarily.”

Before and After: Kitchen

Wood, dated kitchen with white flooring

These Mila hanging kitchen lights by Mathew McCormick Studio paired with the oak cabinetry and black accents create a refined and polished atmosphere. The lights themselves, hanging like pearl earrings, add a subtle touch of sophistication to the minimalist space. Photo: Janis Nicolay


Photo: Janis Nicolay

Before and After: Walk-In Kitchen

This beautifully designed home features a hidden walk-in second kitchen and a white mudroom, both accessed through the main kitchen via a clever transitional space. The elegant millwork partition wall separates the spaces while also offering a functional hidden access point. Photo: Janis Nicolay


Photo: Janis Nicolay

Throughout the home, you’ll find many unifying details. The white oak hardwood floors can be found everywhere but the lobby (here, you’ll spot Italian porcelain tiles and Brass inlays), for a cohesive look and feel. The white Laminam marble that’s featured in the living room fireplace can also be found featured on walls in both the second kitchen (above) and in the family room for a subtle, elegant synergy.

There are cleverly hidden storage spaces throughout, like a large linen closet on the upper floor that’s tucked away behind a panel. The primary ensuite is also concealed behind wall panelling that runs from the entrance of the bedroom to the headboard. The full-height doors and openings with no headers create a gap between functional objects, allowing movement around the environment of objects.

Before and After: Primary Bedroom

“Instead of walls, we put a bank of millwork in between the closet and the bedroom at its full height and the gap between the next piece of millwork is also full height,” explains Warren. “You have these elements of all of the wood and millwork inserted into the space so you are perceiving the full size of the space, you’re not seeing those as two separate spaces.” Photo: Janis Nicolay

Their goal for the Hudson House rebuild was to create a space that was both functional and beautiful, never sacrificing one for the other. The result is a unique home that the homeowners can truly make their own… for the cool price of $10,880,000. “It would be a place that allows someone to feel safe and comfortable, but also has a distinctive character where you can imagine being at home,” says Walia. “You’re retreating to this oasis that you’ve created and that you call home.”

So go ahead: check out the rest of these incredible before and after photos and let the envy flow.

Before and After: Exterior (Front and Back)

Credit: Janis Nicolay
Architect Patrick Warren removed the driveway to extend the house into the garden and restore symmetry, seamlessly integrating the interior with the exterior. “It’s a family-oriented and super livable way to think about the exterior circulation integrally with the interior circulation,” says Warren. Photo: Janis Nicolay

Before and After: Office

Photo: Janis Nicolay

Before and After: Partition Wall

“There’s the entryway, where there’s the large stone granite that you see on the wall right in the middle that divides the back end of the home and allows a better function so we can go straight into the kitchen or the family room or the nook area outside,” says Walia. Photo: Janis Nicolay

Before and After: Spa

Photo: Janis Nicolay


Before and After: Master Bathroom

Photo: Janis Nicolay

Before and After: Bedroom

Photo: Janis Nicolay


Before and After: Bathroom

Photo: Janis Nicolay

Project Credits
Architect: Patrick Warren, frits.ca
Interior Design: Sita Walia @sitawalia
Real Estate Agent: Faith Wilson