Start to finish exterior renovations.

The front of your home is what neighbours, guests and prospective buyers see first. The way your house looks from the street can add thousands to its value.Replacing older windows, chipped and tired looking doors or faded siding can dramatically boost your curb appeal. Add Calgary's blistery cool winter weather and this is not the best time to have inefficient windows or doors either€”not only does it affect the comfort of your home, but it'll cost you more money in heating bills.It is estimated that nearly a third of energy consumption can escape through windows and doors.€œNew vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient, they reduce noise, and when it comes to aesthetics they look better than older windows,€ says Karen Steinmann, marketing and safety coordinator S.I.S. Exterior Renovations, a company with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. €œWe have Canadian-made windows that come in several beautiful exterior and interior colours.€She went on to say that when it comes to doors, the options are endless.€œThey come in so many different colours, styles and materials€¦we even have fiberglass doors that look like wood,€ Steinmann says.Siding also serves a very important role – it is the home's protective outdoor coating. If your siding is rotting, showing signs of mold or disintegrating it's time to replace it.The most popular choice for many in the construction industry is Hardie Board siding. it is long lasting, completely rot and insect resistant and can handle Calgary's hail storms.€œJames Hardie siding currently comes in 23 factory finish colours but is also available in custom colours and can be painted to any colour desired,€ adds Steinmann.

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