Calgary’s Dorsia Designs builds homes to suit their owners.

The City of Calgary continues to grow and with it the reputation of Dorsia Designs. The home design company, established in 2014 to build custom homes and renovate pre-existing ones in the South Alberta area, has quickly earned the respect of locals.Their approach is simple: maintain an open line of communication with homeowners. €œWe believe that you should design your budget before you design your home,€ explains Founder Karl Nekrep. €œThat's how attainable project goals are set and achieved.€Click to see more photos from Dorsia Designs

Their emphasis on careful budgeting is better known by Dorsia clients as the Lifestyle Allowance; an initiative that ensures a smooth project€”and satisfied customers€”from beginning to end. Preliminary budgets for custom builds are shared before the lot is even purchased, while total renovation costs are also estimated ahead of time. In both cases budgets include all materials and are tailored to personal lifestyle.The result? An overwhelming process becomes an enjoyable one. And customization doesn't end with the price tag. Dorsia Designs plans all projects€”be they structural or interior designs, commercial contracting, or international product sourcing€”around the individual client, considering lifestyle, family and even personality in order to provide the full package. €œWe€™ve worked with contractors before and always felt something was missing,€ shared Calgary homeowners Craig and Carrie. €œWe were thrilled with Dorsia Designs. The colours are gorgeous, the fabrics are stunning and the car service taking us to our materials selections meeting is world class!€