These pups are living the dream.

dog8 (Photo: John Sinal.)

White on White

The all-white palette of this house in South Pender makes it feel like a Scandinavian fairy tale. Who knows? Perhaps the dog whose fur coat matches the colour theme to a point is connected to some legend of old.dog3

The Hound of Vancouver-villes

This lofty space, designed by Juli Hodgson, is built to optimize functionality, while providing a little tufty zone for Douglas’ own (more cuddly than lethal) hound to hang.dog4

Part of the Family

Architect Michael Green designed his own home with family time in mind—and yes, that includes his sleepy black lab.alton-01

Yellow Lab, Yellow Home 

The bright pops of colour in this Kelowna home designed by Room8 make the space playful and lively. Luckily for this pup, yellow is one of the few colours dogs can see.dog6

Pampered Pup

This chic Calgary dream home has ample space for the family’s dog to move around. Between the high ceilings and open concept rooms, this pup is living the good life.dog7 (Photo: Tracey Ayton.)

Doggy Paddle

This oceanfront bachelor pad overlooks the scenic Lonsdale area, right where the city meets the water. The clean, masculine condo is decked with everything this golden lab could need — including a stylish water bowl built into the wall. 



Dapper Dogs

Open and airy, their sweet bachelor suites make the ideal crash pads for man’s best friend. 

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