West Coast homes are known for their embrace of the landscape, typically through oversized windows and artfully framed views. But RWA Architecture’s Timber House takes things one step further—here, locally sourced timber becomes both the supporting structure and a featured interior finish. It’s a home that celebrates B.C.’s resources from the inside out… and looks good doing it.

Timber House, developed by Aragon Properties and located in New Westminster, B.C., is one of Canada’s largest-ever CLT projects. Units in the building (which range from 600 square feet to 1,700) feature open-concept designs and exposed walls, ceilings and floors that highlight the beautiful natural material that made the whole project possible.

“CLT construction in North America is in its infancy,” explains Lenny Moy, president of Aragon and resident of the 1,700-square-foot, four-bedroom loft unit shown here. “Because it’s an engineered wood product, it’s invariably more sustainable than some other construction methods that have more wastage.” CLT comes in panels, and for this project, they were treated with a clear finish to allow the natural texture and hue to show through.

Twenty-one foot ceilings in the living room create the opportunity to hang highly impactful artwork, while windows at the front and back of the suites keep the vibe airy and open.

“Humans evolve from a natural world, and the closer we get back to where we came from the ore comfortable we are,” theorizes Moy. “There’s a wholesomeness to the wood.” The modern aesthetic of the kitchen—featuring intense but enticing black cabinetry and countertops—creates a moment of intriguing contrast in the bright, warm space. “I fought for that one,” laughs Moy.