Photos by Natalie Dollman Photography

Mountain homes have a knack for embracing their surroundings, their natural materials and expansive windows framing breathtaking views like a live masterpiece. Now, imagine this concept elevated—quite literally—to new heights. Welcome to the Cliff View House, the Kamloops YMCA Dreamhome that could just be your future abode (if you’re lucky enough to get your name pulled from the proverbial lottery hat).

But this isn’t just a house; it’s a modern dream come true. A blend of darker woods, soft whites and dark greys, this mountain masterpiece not only embraces stunning valley views but brings forward-thinking design details throughout as it celebrates the beauty of nature from the inside out.

The Cliff View House is the dream-team collaboration of Tanya Wassen of Spot On Interior Design and Cristalee Brinkworth of Clay and Oak Interior Design (both picutred above.) The house, a spacious 2,407 square foot haven (excluding the 513 square foot garage), features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a main floor office and a gym on the lower level (it is a dream home after all.) 

“Designing this home was a unique experience as there was no ‘client’ per se,” explains Wassen.

The home is part of Kamploops’ YMCA dreamhome lottery, in partnership with the local CHBA branch and Thompson Rivers University. “The goal was to showcase beautiful design details not typically seen in a standard home,” Wassen says. 

“We wanted the space to feel grand but still cozy and intimate where a person could warm up by the fire and look out to the views,” says Wassen.

The design vibe of the Cliff View House can be described as warm, contemporary with immaculate cliffside views. The home harmonizes strong, sophisticated forms with soft and detailed textures, creating a space that feels grand yet cozy and intimate. A sumptuous material palette includes dark maple stained wood custom cabinetry, soft whites, blacks, golds and slate greys—all chosen to reflect the colours seen in nature.

An earthy, natural-stone kitchen

The kitchen is small but mighty. It features slate grey quartz counters with a ledge detail and floating waterfall gable detail, panelled fridge and dishwasher, and a large slab porcelain accent. The cabinetry is a one-inch shaker in custom stained maple, accented by a Blue Savoy Vicostone quartz countertop. The backsplash, meanwhile, is a duo of incredible tile: the bottom, a kitkat mosaic, the top, slab porcelain from Centura.

Flowy, open concept living

The home embraces an open concept design, with unobstructed sight lines that lead to the kitchen and dining area and out to the covered deck. Each space uses clever custom-made sliding doors, like the one that leads into the primary ensuite as well as sliding transparent metal-framed doors like the one into the office, for a seamless flow from room to room.

Bathing in scenery

Adorned with Centura magma tiles in a sleek black hue, the designers opted for a custom pattern that playfully alternates between vertical and horizontal tiles. The curbless custom black tile shower enclosure, complete with a linear drain and digital faucet control, adds a dash of modern luxury and spa-like appeal.

The ensuite bathroom is another highlight of the home. It features a semi-freestanding tub with a ledge that takes in the views, a custom black tile shower enclosure with a curbless design and a double sink floating vanity. The mirror across from the window enhances the view, creating a sense of spaciousness. Gold fixtures in the showers, sinks and bathrooms throughout the home create a sense of unity and sophistication. 

Bedrooms to inspire the sweetest dreams

Each of the three bedrooms have bright windows to pour in natural light and create a distinctly cozy feel. Like the rest of the home, the bedrooms harmonize strong, sophisticated forms with soft and detailed textures, layering earth tones, soft palettes, pattern and texture for a dreamy mountaintop retreat.

Office space with inspiring views

The design duo’s favourite feature of the home is a testament to their creative genius: a transparent sliding metal-framed glass door that leads into a dark, moody office space. This unique area offers a clear sightline straight through to the living room, where the warmth of the fireplace meets the captivating beauty of the great outdoors. It’s a seamless blend of work and leisure, a space where inspiration is as boundless as the scenic view beyond. “We particularly love the dark vibe of the office with the custom metal doors,” says Wassen. Brinksworth, meanwhile, is fondest of the  asymmetrical stone and paneled fireplace leading the eye out to the valley views.

A home built on community

What makes the Cliff View House truly special is the community partnership that made it possible. “The community involvement with our local YMCA, Home Builder’s Association, and contributing trades made the process of this build that much better and something we can all be proud of,” shares Wassen.

In the end, the Cliff View House is more than just a dream home. It’s a testament to the power of community, the beauty of thoughtful design and the endless possibilities that come with a forward-thinking approach to home building. It’s a home we wouldn’t mind living in… and we’re sure you’d feel the same.

It’s a dream brought to life, a testament to the magic that happens when creativity meets cause. Check out more gorgeous photos below.