H-House is nestled into a serene neighbourhood known for its maple forests, tranquil setting and traditional home character. The H-House, designed by Everyday Studio, was intended to fit within the neighbourhood scale while inspiring a connection to the beautiful, ambient natural backdrop.

The home is organized into two main volumes with a third stacked above and perpendicular to the base form, creating the H shape for which the project is named. This configuration results in a doubleheight central area that opens to an exterior courtyard on either side. The home sits comfortably within the neighbourhood while each volume establishes its relationship with the site via a sheltered lanai at grade and an upper-level cantilevered, south-facing terrace.

Maintaining a connection to the landscape, Norwegian fluted siding in IPE colour was used throughout the home both exterior and interior. Newtechwood is designed to blend flawlessly into nature, is maintenance-free, sustainable, fade resistant and made from 95% recycled materials.

The natural brushed wood finish, backed by a 25-year warrantee, grounds the design and delivers timeless character. While wood siding and brick are common in the neighbourhood, this home goes a step further with natural clay brick that references the vivid maple foliage in the fall and IPE fluted wood that draws reference to traditional wood shutters.

On the interior, Newtechwood cladding was used to accentuate a living room wall near a statement fireplace, creating a privacy buffer to the street while also establishing an aesthetic counterpart to the brick on the interior.

NewTechWood’s Original Wood looking fluted siding is the best natural wood looking product for the coastal environment and modern-classic aesthetic and brings unparalleled beauty to any project. Its castellation profile—popular in high-end contemporary residential architecture—resembles the top of a castle wall with a series of alternating rectangular parapets and indentations. The result is reminiscent of parallel castellated timber battens, differentiated by a narrow shadowline between each one.

Learn more about Newtechwood at newtechwood.ca

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