As summer days begin to wane, it’s time to start prepping our homes and create the cozy respite necessary to survive the rainy days ahead.

Hygge is a Danish concept that roughly translates to coziness, but according to local hygge buff, Louise Marsh of Vancouver’s BoConcept, it’s also much more than that. Each person’s definition of hygge could be different (one person might love a book by the fireplace, another, a plush sofa with tons of pillows). But when evoking hygge, the main goal is thoughtfulness.

We spoke with Louise Marsh for her thoughts on how we can heighten the comfy factor at home.

1. Opt For Muted Tones in a Hygge Palette

“Generally, you really want to focus on your colour palette, and for hygge that often means more muted tones,” says Marsh. But muted doesn’t mean you have to shy away from colour. Marsh explains that a pop of colour might bring you joy in your space, but a muted version of that colour will last the test of time (think an emerald green rather than lime). “You’re looking for ways to soften up,” she continues, so keeping an earthy colour palette while “focusing a lot on textures and soft lighting can bring an intimate feel to the space.”

2. Focus on Warming Rituals

Marsh says that “the simple act of lighting a candle and can create an atmosphere in the space” that evokes that cozy feel. She explains that not only would a candle cast a warm light, but the ritual of lighting it can create the feeling of hygge every day. If you’ve not one for candles, Marsh suggests turning off overhead lights and using lamps to create a nighttime ritual. She proposes using “dark lamp shades and lower-watt bulbs” to create that cozy, orange glow.

3. Add Something Soft

Mash says that “lots of cushions and really fluffy blankets” are an easy way to up the hygge at home. Especially if you’ve looking to counteract sharp corners (of say, a glass table or metal bench), these touches can easily soften up your space and make it one you’ve excited to come home to.

4. Be Thoughtful with the Items You Display

Although hygge is often considered minimalistic, Marsh says “that couldn’t be further from the truth.” Creating your own version of hygge doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of your favourite trinkets. Marsh explains that hygge is about “how you feel when you’ve in a space,” so additions like “tealights, home fragrances, photo albums or even your favourite board games” can make your home feel hygge because it feels like it’s yours (as long as you do so in a thoughtful, curated way).

5. Add A Little Greenery

Greenery might not initially come to mind when thinking about hygge, but if you’ve looking for a way to brighten up your winterized home, plants are “a secret way to bring in colour” says Marsh. Again, it’s the thoughtfulness that brings the hygge. Marsh says you want to make sure “you’ve not just bringing something in to fill a corner,” it should make you feel good too.

Whether you’ve looking to add a new boucle pillow on your sofa, a fluffy throw for your favourite chair or even just lighting the trendy candle you splurged on, it’s all about how the items make you feel. And if you’ve looking to feel hygge, then the softer, the cozier, the better.