Imagine your dreams of a custom home renovation becoming a reality. Imagine your ideas put down on paper, created into a 3D model, then designed and built within the walls and on the foundation of your existing house. Imagine your tired old home transformed into a new custom dream home.

VictorEric Design Group is hosting a Home Renovation Webinar that will answer all your questions and provide a comprehensive overview of how to start the home renovation process and how much time and money to budget for your project.

€œHow to Start Your Custom Home Renovation Project€ will showcase what can be done to your old house to transform it into the custom home that you have always dreamed of. With examples of actual home renovation design and build projects ranging from small and large scope projects to unbelievable all-encompassing transformations, we will walk you through their respective budgets and timelines. This VictorEric Home Renovation Webinar will demonstrate what can be done through the magic of renovation design and build to transform any home from an ugly duckling into a majestic swan.

Angela Hilton, VictorEric home renovation client; says the company is just the team to help anyone planning a renovation manage the process, deadlines, and budget with professionalism and skill.

 €œBruce was more careful with our money than we probably would have been ourselves!€ Hilton says. €œThe whole staff was friendly and helpful. They were great about keeping us informed of the process with pictures and everything, which were fun to share with friends and relatives.€

Having heard horror stories about long delays and cost overruns with other companies or do-it-yourselfers, the Hiltons were glad to put their project in VictorEric's capable hands.

€œThese guys have such an amazing track record of renovating and building homes that bring over 46% ROI, when we couldn’t find anything unique in our price range, we decided to give them a try,€ Hilton says. €œOverall, they delivered an effortless design-build process, which brought us closer instead of to the brink of divorce like our last attempt at hanging our own wallpaper.€

Neel Ahuja, another VictorEric client, began a relationship with VictorEric many years ago when the company helped Ahuja design and complete a renovation that was such a success, it was featured on the TV show Property Brothers as a Dream Home almost a decade later.

€œTalk about timeless design skills!€ Ahuja says. €œEven though we have loved our home, the renovation developed an itch in us to one day create our own custom home. We recently began the process and have had an amazing experience working with the entire VictorEric team.€

Start the journey to your dream home renovation. Learn where and how to begin when considering your renovation project, how much it costs, and how long it takes. VictorEric will provide hints and tips on how to transform your home with a custom renovation project. Its expert team will answer questions like whether you should renovate or build new, whether you should move out while the work is being done, and whether your project will need permits. These are the kinds of questions this Home Renovation Webinar will address using real-life examples of VictorEric designed and built Vancouver Special renovation projects.

VictorEric maintains important partnerships with real estate professionals and contractors, ensuring consistent quality and ability to meet deadlines.

One partner, Natasha Marjanovic, Broker Oakwyn Realty, is grateful for VictorEric's willingness to provide great ideas for client projects.

€œThe VictorEric team is a group of extremely knowledgeable and resourceful professionals, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend them to my clients, friends, family, or colleagues in the future,€ Marjanovic says. €œVictorEric is definitely a company to hire for any size of renovation project.€

€œWe have greatly enjoyed working with the VictorEric team for almost 20 years now,€ says John Gosek, Owner South Fraser Stairs. €œTogether, we’ve created amazing staircases in their houses. Many of their projects are complex with challenging issues to negotiate. Their team offers constructive and knowledgeable input and is always a pleasure to work with.€

Make your dreams a reality. Learn how and where to start with your own dream home renovation at this exclusive VictorEric Design Group webinar.

VictorEric specializes in the luxury design and quality builds of new custom homes and transformative custom renovations. Learn more at

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Event: VictorEric Design Group presents How to Start Your Custom Home Renovation Project: Hints + Tips

Format: 1-hour presentation followed by 30-minute question and answer
Date + Time: 2:00-3:30 p.m. Sat Jun 19, 2021
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