The Chinese are credited with inventing the first wallpaper€”rice paper pasted onto walls can be traced back to the Qin dynasty. Eventually smoother linen fibres replaced rice so that painting and printing became easier.

Wallpaper then travelled to Europe in the 15th century with wood blocks made by hand. By the industrial revolution, the sky was the limit: iridescent paper and faux-leather options could now be created by the endless roll, which took it from aristocratic rooms to walls everywhere. Its ability to beautify, yet also hide cracks and offer up better insulation meant wallpaper was widely used in both the smallest and grandest of spaces to help improve, smooth and trick the eye.

In these rooms below, small and large, wallpaper works its magic to hide flaws, lengthen a space€”or simply make the design pop. 

Get Graphic in a Powder Room

€œThe powder room was quite large so the deep colours helped make it feel more intimate,€ says Chad Falkenberg of Falken Reynolds Interiors. €œThe client's interest in electronic music was the driver for us suggesting the graphic patterns.”  This beat-inspired green design is Salzburg by Jupiter 10

Go Calm and Cozy in the Bedroom

Hazel and Brown Design chose this wallpaper for its neutral and luminous palette that adds additional softness to the bedroom space. Its long, vertical lines provide continuity with the adjacent full-height windows and window-coverings, while also obscuring the lines of the concealed door to one of the room’s ensuite bathrooms. Architecture by Patrick Warren of Frits de Vries Architects.

Create Visual Depth in an Alcove

In this small condo, original developer plans included this niche for a seating area with TV. €œI suggested we change the layout and create seating,€ says Negar Reihani of Space Harmony Interiors. €œIn order to anchor the seating and give it more weight (and make it feel more cozy), we put the navy blue wallpaper, Meditation Weave by Philip Jeffries, in the alcove€”it matches the velvet seat and makes it feel like a much bigger seat than it is.€

Powder Rooms Are Made for Pattern

“I love to wallpaper powder rooms,” says Aly Velji of Alykhan Velji Designs. “They€™re like jewels in a home and you want to surprise people when they walk in so go bold with your choice.”

Opt for a Statement Wallpaper Instead of a Headboard

€œThis custom world map wallpaper (printed on white) was inspired by the fact that the owner of the condo is a globetrotter so it felt like a perfect choice,€ says Negar Reihani of Space Harmony Interiors. €œAlso, personally, I love having wallpaper on all walls, but when the clients are more comfortable with having wallpaper on only one-wall, then I would to go with statement piece wallpapers.€