Natural materials always feel so right in settings where the exterior trumps the interior environment, as is often the case in our West Coast projects—and, luckily, there is much to work with here in B.C. For this current project in Whistler, the client loved a very clean, modern vocabulary, but we wanted to give it a slightly more rustic feel. Colour and texture can achieve this without sacrificing the modernity, while the design and curation offer a timeless approach in bringing together elegantly contrasting elements. The lines of the room are very structural and purposefully strong and balanced, allowing for the play of materials and decorative form to bring a sense of warmth and emotion to the table.— Mitchell Freedland, Mitchell Freedland Design

Designer Mitchell Freedland’s Picks for a Modern, Rustic Home

We worked with Bronzo travertine from Marble Art for the tabletops on the nightstands: a small element that formed the colour palette for the suite.

I really like the sculptural, branch-like form that the Myco wood chandelier from Propellor brings to the ceiling line of the space.

The fluid, organic nature of Martha Sturdy’s two-tone resin work—as seen in her Whistler round vase from Provide—is an ideal complement to the space.

The whimsical nature of this woven fabric—Great Plains Bones by Holly Hunt (through Jennifer West)—becomes a striking backdrop with full-height application to the upholstered headboard wall.

The Hawkins console table from Lock and Mortice adds both warmth and geometric structure to the environment.

East India Carpet’s handmade Volcano carpet features an ombré pattern and rich colour, and it’s the perfect grounding element for the room.

The elegant rock-like formation of Porta Romana’s Prism table lamp from Bloom Furniture has such great depth and sparkle.