Just in time for Father’s Day, kids!

It’s not often you talk about Steve McQueen and bargain in the same breath. In the last few years everything the King of Cool touched has turned to de facto gold, like his 1967 Ferrari, pictured below, which sold for just over $10,000,000 in 2014.la-fi-hy-2014-pebble-beach-mcqueen-ferrari-sol-001In that context his Palm Springs house seems to be something of a bargain. He built the 4,493-square-foot pad in 1964 with architect Hugh Kaptor, an apprentice of the famed Donald Wexler and the place today looks pretty much like it did when Steve crashed there.2203-Southridge-Steve-McQueen-House-Kitchen-1200x798Super groovy kitchen.steve-mcqueen-midcentury-modern-house-03And a floating staircase that makes you wonder what The Brady Bunch would have been like had McQueen been cast as the dad.2203-Southridge-Steve-McQueen-House-Terrace-1200x798But look past the popcorn ceiling and kooky (but sort of awesome carpets) and you have a house with amazing bones. For starters—check out that view! The house is in the very tony Southridge neighbourhood where John Lautner’s famed Bob Hope house is currently on the market for a cool $25,000,000. And Bob Hope, God love him, is no Steve McQueen (Kaptor is no John Lautner you might say. Fair point). But the price per square foot is a very reasonable $556, which is low for houses with no star or architectural pedigree.Steve-McQueen-Palm-Springs-EntrywaySweet garden.steve-mcqueen-midcentury-modern-house-01Low-key facade.steve-mcqueen-midcentury-modern-house-02Kick-ass breezeway.8F56c0315d6A44a-16128228PSAnd because it’s Steve McQueen’s house—plenty of places to store cars.93baadE6061D40b-16128228PSHonestly if one of you buys this house for $2,500,000 I promise you we’ll put it on the cover and I’ll personally go down for the photo shoot. For three weeks.Deal?