Hot tip: don’t install a dramatic angled slab of corrugated metal onto your home’s facade unless you’ve ready for some attention from the neighbours.

Which architect D’Arcy Jones very much is. €œConservatism and minimalism are overtaking architecture, and the results are way too bland and inhuman,€ he says. So when he had the chance to get experimental with a recent Vancouver project, he and builder Aryze Developments installed a striking corrugated metal slab onto one side of the home.

angled house exterior
(Photo: Sama Jim Cazian)

The angles on the side of the house repeat the slopes of the two roofs, while the angled windows in the kitchen and office are shaped to frame views of treetops and sky, without staring back into the neighbouring house.

The “wings,” meanwhile, protect the porch from wind and rain… and get passersby talking. “It has been referred to as the ‘Chicken House,'” says Jones. “It’s a great compliment.”

Originally published December 2020