The contemporary home is changing€”it is the restaurant, the workplace, the gym, the family zone all wrapped into one. And with the return of entertaining, the longing for connection and a beautiful space in which to connect is stronger than ever.

€œOver the past year, we've also seen peoples€™ homes transform from a place to sleep into a safe haven, a sanctuary,€ says Lyle Perry, President of Kerrisdale Lumber Home. €œOf course, people will start to travel more and be at home a bit less than they have been, but having a home base be their €˜everything€™ may be a trend we continue to see.€

More and more, homeowners and multi-family developments need their outdoor spaces to be as fully functional and beautiful as their indoor spaces, and as more multi-family developments spring up around Vancouver, families want to make the most of their spaces.

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€œWe want to show customers that the outdoor kitchen is part of their home,€ Perry says. €œIt is an extension of their living space and not a separate part of the home that should be forgotten about.€

Adding a small outdoor kitchen in a single-family home can increase the value of property for future selling purposes, and the options for replicating an indoor kitchen outdoors are nearly endless.

€œElements like outdoor fridges for hot summer nights and cozy fire tables for the chill in the fall evenings can transform your space and encourage more time outdoors in your extended kitchen,€ Reza Mofakham, General Manager of Kerrisdale Lumber Home. €œOur team of outdoor living experts have worked on hundreds of high-end custom outdoor kitchen builds and can offer custom plans for nearly any space.€

Whether you want to build a custom outdoor kitchen from scratch with lots of tailored details or a fast and easy set-up, visit Kerrisdale Lumber's beautiful showroom in Kerrisdale to take a view products and accessories in real time to discuss your outdoor kitchen dreams with an expert.

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Kerrisdale Lumber is celebrating its 100 years in business this year, a landmark victory the company attributes to its stellar team of experts.

€œWe can confidently say that our team has the expert knowledge that is needed to inform anything required from what type of lightbulb you need replaced to an extensive outdoor kitchen build,€ Mofakham says. €œWe pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service, and as a neighbourhood joint, we wish to have our new home store space act as a place of gathering for DIY homeowners, designers, architects, and other creatives in the industry.€


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