My liquor cabinet at home is not what you would call “aspirational.” It’s mostly 3/4 full bottles of tequila (I’m a margarita monster and I will not apologize) and dusty, questionable spirits my grandpa picked up at off-brand liquidation warehouses as Christmas gifts. Yes, “chocolate wine” was one of those gifts. No, I am not kidding. Yes, it was creamy. 

It’s no big deal, really, that it’s a bit of a mess up there. I can only access it by climbing on a chair, after all, or yelling at the tall man I married to make me a drink. 

But then I saw this beautiful open-shelving bar nook and my concept of what a home bar could be was blown wide open.

Designed by Vancouver’s John Henshaw Architect, this kitchen features slim white-oak shelves posted on a gold-and-white wall (the gorgeous woven wallpaper is from Arte) and lined with a glittering lineup of sophisticated spirits. It’s a look that says “high-end mixologist” not “desperate nightcap.”I can only assume the flat-panelled cabinets below the shelf€”topped with a prep counter, of course€”hide a barmasters tool kit and some fun vintage glassware.

Were I to be lucky enough to call this sunny space my own, I would chuck the un-opened choco-booze for good and start up a new reputation as someone with, you know, taste. 

Other Photos from This Modern and Playful Vancouver Renovation

Photos by Andrew Latreille.