(Pictured) Sophie Burke of Sophie Burke Design. Photo by Bee Chalmers

“For this family home across the street from the beach, we wanted to create a warm and approachable space for everyone to gather. Kids are constantly coming and going through the bifold doors into this space, and it truly functions as the heart of the home. We designed seating areas surrounding the kitchen so there’s always room for family and guests to have access to the action.”Sophie Burke

Retouch by: Wetouch Imagework

This Cecilie Manz vase has a beautiful eggshell finish, and it’s one of our favourite pieces to give as a gift to clients. informinteriors.com

Janaki Larsen’s ceramics are no longer a secret only known to Vancouver locals, and this sculptural black bowl is just as stunning filled with fruit as it is sitting empty on the counter. janakilarsen.com

We frequently turn to Australian company Linear Standard for decorative hardware, like these black Clare pulls that tie in the other black accents throughout. linearstandard.com.au

The leather in these Lili stools from Stowed helps to warm up this crisp and bright kitchen. They’re surprisingly comfortable for such a minimal silhouette and they slide right under the counter so as not to interrupt any sightlines. stowedhome.com

The bleached oak detail on these Allied Maker Arc Globe pendant lights gives a subtle nod to the beach nearby while providing ample lighting for the island. alliedmaker.com

We love these white Barter dishes with their unglazed exterior and glossy interior. They recently came out with a pasta bowl, which you have to know to ask for. barterdesign.ca


This story was originally published in the May/June 2023 print issue of Western Livingfind the digital issue here.