If planning your dream kitchen conjures images of browsing endless supplier websites and dodging pushy sales calls, you’re doing it all wrong. Your new luxury kitchen will be a place friends and family gather for incredible food and lifelong memories, so it only makes sense to start there when designing your space.

At Kitchen Infinity Atelier in Gastown, designing your luxury kitchen is an immersive kitchen and cabinetry design experience that goes beyond blueprints and material samples. Indeed, the expert team will help bring your ideas and inspiration to life with dynamic 3D design renders and as much or as little guidance as you prefer, but the real treat is the experiential element.

Immerse yourself

“Once we have the vision in place, we invite the client to come back in for a private presentation,” says Carlos Muller, principal with KI Atelier. “As a team, we explore the design and change any details as required. In most cases, we have the hardware, cabinets, drawers, islands and live examples of the layouts in the showroom.”

The next stop is KI Atelier’s immersive kitchen showroom—a beautiful, inviting space designed to let clients experience their dream kitchen, one element at a time. It houses eight individual stations, each with its own equipment, allowing guests to work with a section of the kitchen and find out just how amazing their new space could be. “We want people to experience the space, use the kitchen, use our extensive working display of Gaggenau appliances,” Muller says. “The experience focuses on the flow of the equipment in a setting that isn’t a sales pitch, but rather an organic, fun time at our kitchen with premium food and premium cooking tips.”

Chef Singson hosts a kitchen experience at Kitchen Infinity Atelier | Photo by KI Atelier

Expert guidance

The experience is led by KI Atelier’s in-house chef, Mark Singson, an acclaimed chef with international experience bringing the finest cuisine to tables in Canada. His dishes are influenced by his passions—food, art, music and family—which means pushing the boundaries of flavour and style by combining comfort and elegance to bring people together in a harmonious environment.

Singson leads the KI Atelier experience with gourmet eats and exceptional cooking tips for an afternoon of connection, learning and discovery.

“The showroom kitchen is visitors’ chance to try out the seating spaces, plates, elbow room, distance to cabinets, and other scenarios,” Muller says. “It is really the greatest advantage because they can experience it firsthand be 100% sure that the design achieves all of their aesthetic and functional wishes.”

“If you are in the market for a kitchen, come and work at ours for a taste of what a great kitchen experience feels like.”

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