It’s scaled to fit your wall.

I’ve just returned from a scouting mission to Calgary and Edmonton: big win for all the great design finds I came home with, big loss for not packing a warm-enough coat. (My former Ontarian self should have known better.) One of my favourites was spotted at Edmonton’s CosaFina: a larger-than life installation of Renaissance figures on their back wall that appeared to be a hand-painted mural. Instead, it’s a made-to-measure wallpaper from Wall & decò. Each design is scaled to the size of the wall where it will soon live, so it’s perfectly matched; and perfectly durable, made of vinyl, completely washable and fire resistant. Images range from faux-finishes that make a wall appear to be in a centuries-old castle, to quirky, playful designs of woodland creatures or botanical elements. Totally original, totally covetable.Wall&decò wallpaper, $175 per square metre, available at CosaFina in Edmonton, KNOCK.jpg