For the price of a bungalow in Vancouver you could have this slice of history.

I think it’s fair to say that, for most WL readers, the idea of having an architect-designed home is a perennial dream. The problem? In Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, the cost of a buildable lot plus the cost of building custom from scratch is significant. But here’s the crazy thing—if you look south, you can often find architect-designed spots for much less.Take this spot nestled up near Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. It’s architect-designed but, on the downside, you don’t get to direct the architect because it’s already built. On the plus-side? The architect who built it was perhaps the greatest of all time and this is the last residence he ever designed. So for the price of a ho-hum spot up north you can have the final work of a master in a location where the current temperature is 25°C.The House: 6836 N 36th St., Phoenix AZThe Skinny: $3,250,000 | 3 beds, 3 baths | 3,096 square feet | 1.32 acresPros: Tough to beat the FLW pedigree; it’s in a great neighbourhood; and it’s been updated by the current owners to allow for more modern living.Cons: Late career FLW houses—with all their curved walls—aren’t the most conducive to modern living; this was FLWs last design, but he was 6-feet under by the time of construction so, small asterisk.