John Lautner is an acquired taste. Among the bold-named American architects of the last century, he lacks the name recognition of Frank Lloyd Wright (with whom he apprenticed with in the 1930s) and the cool understatement of Richard Neutra (who was his rival for the title of Great L.A. architect). But if people don’t know his name, they often remember his over-the-top-designs. His domed Elrod House in Palm Springs was prominently featured in Diamonds are Forever, his nearby home for Bob Hope is even more famously visible and his Sheats-Goldstein House in L.A. was home to Jackie Treehorn in The Big Lebowski.

But as iconic as all those homes are, none of them scream “livability”, and that’s why this offering, The Tyler House, is so compelling. For starters it’s a modest size€”1,432 sq/ft compared to the Hope Residence’s 23,600 sq/ft. And unlike his more famous dwellings, this example tries, and succeeds, in blending into, not dominating, its physical environment. Finally, it’s been very thoughtfully restored with the exterior woodwork in particular looking brand new. But lest anyone think it’s a standard house, remember, it’s shaped like a triangle, so we’re not exactly talking tract housing here. Take a look.

It’s located in the former hippie enclave of Laurel Canyon, where Ferraris have long since replaced VW Vans as the mode of transport, but the $2,495,000 seems attractive for the pedigree and the neighbourhood and the structure.

The listing comes from Crosby Doe and can be found here.