The 1971 Buff and Hensman design sits right next door to the John Lautner-designed Bob Hope house in the Valley’s most exclusive community.

I love William Holden, who, in his day, was as big a star as Paul Newman or Steve McQueen (both of whom he starred with in the The Towering Inferno). From Sunset Boulevard and Bridge on the River Kwai to The Dirty Dozen, Holden perfected the I-don’t-give-a-s*** persona that influenced pretty much every leading man today (other than future President Tom Hanks, that is).But when it came to his vacation home (which he shared with his long-time partner, Hart to Hart’s Stephanie Powers), Holden was very serious about design. His earlier Palm Springs home was on the market for $3,700,000 earlier this year, but this later home eschewed some of the kitsch that creeps into mid-century in favour of a very earlier take on what we’d now call modernism—clean lines, soaring views, neutral palette.Holden was also Steve McQueen’s neighbour in the Palm Springs community of Southridge and while McQueen’s house has since been sold, Holden’s much-better-preserved example is still on the market. The price—a cool $2,000,000—is actually a bit of a steal given that, unlike the McQueen house, its already been fully updated with a new kitchen, new bathrooms and a general refresh of all the spaces. But what separates Southridge from all the other Palm Springs communities is the view. Buy it now (full listing here) and get in furnished just in time for winter.

Photos: William Holden’s Palm Springs Home

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