We weigh the pros and cons of our fave backsplash materials.

The backsplash may protect your kitchen walls from unsightly splatters, but it also adds a big hit of style. Choose the best material for your lifestyle, and then explore a rich world of pattern and colour.


Pros: Neutral palette complements many design schemes; durable.Cons: Tiles must be sealed with a  penetrating sealer to protect from stains.

Stainless Steel 

Pros: Easy to maintain and clean.Cons: Acidic cleaning products can discolour surface if allowed to dry; prone to scratches; shows fingerprints easily.


Pros: Neutral colouring is versatile; resistant to acid staining.Cons: Scratches easily; must be darkened by regular application of mineral oil.


Pros: Easy to clean; natural sheen adds light to a room.Cons: Shows water spots and stains easily if not sealed properly; frequent cleaning is necessary.


Pros: Wide variety of styles available; if glazed, tiles are non-porous and stain-resistant.Cons: Large amount of joints ; grout can discolour.


Pros: Luxurious, bright material; easily wiped clean.Cons: Should not be installed near heat sources; porous material, so must be sealed regularly.


Pros: Durable and heat-resistant; minimal maintenance; less expensive than other natural stones.Cons: Few colours available; uneven surface can collect dirt.


Pros: High durability and heat resistance; very attractive natural stone; easy to clean.Cons: Natural pattern makes it difficult to extend granite; high cost.

Engineered Stone 

Pros: Non-porous; heat-resistant; extremely durable; easy to clean.Cons: High cost; pattern is unnatural; requires expert installation.