In this minimalist kitchen, a few pops of colour go a long way.

Designers: Miguel Brovhn & Julie MillerHome: Vancouver, B.C.The Look: Playful Minimalism

Use bold colour in small doses for a big impact.

Though Vancouverites love a good view—and this waterfront False Creek home certainly has its share of them—blue and green can get a little overplayed. “The colouring from the water and the trees is beautiful, but we wanted something that would break from that and play off of it,” says designer Miguel Brovhn. He and designer Julie Miller went bold with their choice of hue and peppered a warm, vibrant orange in small hits throughout the space. “It complements the walnut and contrasts against the natural palette outside,” says Brovhn. In the neutral, calm kitchen, a cluster of Bocci 28.19 lights hangs above the table—three of the 19 lights are bright orange orbs, visible right from the front door. That’s no accident, says Brovhn. “They guide you like a beacon into the space.”

bocci lights in kitchen