It all comes down to this.

It started with 13 gorgeous homes (view the finalists here). And now, tens of thousands of votes and three weeks later, we’re thrilled to announce our 2018 WL Home of the Year:

Nordic Cool: A Whistler Cabin That’s Equal Parts Beautiful and Sustainable

Designed by architect Cedric Burgers and designer Sophie Burke, the stunning modern home is also environmentally progressive: it’s designed in the BC Passive House facility, which makes it incredibly air tight and reduces its need for heating systems. “It has an incredible, quiet solidity to it,” says Burgers. “It’s unlike any house I’ve been in. It’s got an exquisite, warm and calm feeling to it.”The homeowners also wanted an unusual placement of the home on the property—rather than facing south toward Whistler, they wanted it oriented southwest toward the undeveloped mountains beyond. “Having been forced into that corner, it really made us think in a different way,” he explains. “We had to really think about sun and exposure. It’s one of those idiosyncrasies that clients can throw at you that, in the end, makes for a very unique project.”Burke loved just how committed the clients were to their initial vision of a light and bright space. “It was a totally immersive project, and we worked on every little detail,” she explains. “We got to stay involved, right from the very beginning and the finishes that are typical in an interiors design project, but also the layers which make a house a home at the end. There were all of Janaki’s ceramics, and Ravi from Cloth Studio did lots of the bedding and blankets—all those layers that adds so much warmth to a space. It was nice to be able to work to that level on it.”Congratulations to Cedric Burgers and Sophie Burke for the achievement! Scroll through the pics below for a peek at the winning design, and read more about the home here.