Soak in an outdoor tub, skate on a frozen lake, icewalk in a majestic canyon, snowmobile on an epic mountain and more. Here are 5 winter vacation destinations that offer adventure and cozy comfort for the perfect cold-weather escape.

1. Make the Most of Jasper in 48 Hours

Your play-by-play guide to a perfect weekend in Jasper—from frozen lake ice skating and canyon ice walks to must-try eateries and coffee shops, this itinerary has something for everyone.

2. Stay in Richmond’s New Bold Boutique Hotel

Richmond’s new Versante Boutique Hotel is a bold and beautiful design-lovers dream. Nestled near the lively Richmond Night Market, its daring designs, from futuristic “floating” washrooms to whimsical decor, promise a memorable escape just outside Vancouver’s buzz​.

3. Have Peak Fun Snowmobiling in Whistler

To rev up your winter adventures, Whistler’s snowmobile expedition offers snowy thrills and a chance to revel in B.C.’s picturesque winter wonderland​.

4. Soak in Outdoor Ofuro Tubs in Fraser Valley

Escape the mundane with a serene Ofuro Tub soak amidst the tranquil setting of Fraser Valley’s golf resort. The newly unveiled Woodland Cabins at Rowena’s Inn on the River offer a “destination dipping” experience in their outdoor red cedar barrel baths—perfect for a rejuvenating escape.

5. Enjoy Some Fine Dining on the Sunshine Coast

Eat and drink your way through the Sunshine Coast with these top 5 dining spots. It’s the ultimate B.C. foodie getaway this winter.