The Vancouver company goes from the coolest coats on the mountain, to the most important gear in the world.

There have been a plethora of things we’ve lost in the last month that are more important than being able to hit the slopes, but I’d be lying if I didn’t look at my Epic Pass more than once and utter a silent expletive for what would have undoubtedly been one of the great spring skiing season ever. Which is why this is a story that warms my heart: I wear as much Arc’teryx gear as I can afford: for starters it’s local and it also happens to be the best in the world. So when we heard they were retooling their New Westminster factory to start cranking out PPE equipment for the front line health workers it brought some warmth to our ski-less hearts. So far they’ve delivered 500 Level 3 Isolation gowns of what have to be the most bad-ass PPE’s going (and with fellow industry partners Mustang Survival and Boardroom Clothing they’ll be making 90,000 surgical gowns) .

Watch below to see the magic happen.