gfgfddSmoke Show

Bring a dash of mid-century style to your space with the smoked glass and retro brass shade of the Koepel table lamp ($169).

hfghfghfShakespearean Glow

Looking to add some serious drama to your living room? The black marble Baston lamp ($575) features a resin skull Hamlet would be proud of.

jklBright Beacon

Designer Bruno Moinard was inspired by the elegance of a Swedish lighthouse for his
Faro lamp ($10,305).

llhjhjTranquil Texture

The crackled glaze of the earthenware Quinn lamp is evocative of the distinctive pitted sandstone found on the shores of the Gulf Islands ($149).

weasdasTasteful Tangle

The Lydia Mini Knot gold lamp ($295) is the perfect piece to tie your room together.

klMass Appeal

With its solid cylindrical base, practical dimmer knob and lightweight shade, we can’t help but be drawn toward the highly attractive Gravity table lamp ($1,565) in any pattern.