Smoke Show

Bring a dash of mid-century style to your space with the smoked glass and retro brass shade of the Koepel table lamp ($169).

Shakespearean Glow

Looking to add some serious drama to your living room? The black marble Baston lamp ($575) features a resin skull Hamlet would be proud of.

Bright Beacon

Designer Bruno Moinard was inspired by the elegance of a Swedish lighthouse for his
Faro lamp ($10,305).

Tranquil Texture

The crackled glaze of the earthenware Quinn lamp is evocative of the distinctive pitted sandstone found on the shores of the Gulf Islands ($149).

Tasteful Tangle

The Lydia Mini Knot gold lamp ($295) is the perfect piece to tie your room together.

Mass Appeal

With its solid cylindrical base, practical dimmer knob and lightweight shade, we can€™t help but be drawn toward the highly attractive Gravity table lamp ($1,565) in any pattern.