This decadent, salty cheese (that you can throw on the grill!) is the perfect addition to summertime recipes.

I first heard about halloumi from a close friend obsessed with the stuff. She was like a school girl, telling anyone who would listen about her new crush: a briny, hearty, revelation of a cheese you could magically grill like meat or vegetables.

Thanks to its high melting point you can do everything from beer-battering it (see the Acorn’s recipe below) to searing it up for salads, so to get you started cooking heavenly halloumi at home, we tapped local chefs from The Cascade Room, the Acorn, Heirloom Vegetarian and Locus to share recipes that showcase our new favourite ingredient.

1. Grilled Halloumi Crostini with Mango-Apricot Puree


The mango-apricot puree combined with the halloumi creates that delectable salty-sweet bite. Locus modified its recipe so you could easily replicate the starter at home.

2. Beer-Battered Halloumi with Mint Yogurt Dip

Halloumi (Photo: Sean David Photography.)The Acorn shows us how to make beer-battered halloumi (with a tasty mint yogurt dip), which is the crowning glory of its super popular halloumi dish (pictured here with zucchini-potato pancake and smashed peas) and still one of my favourite plates in Vancouver.

3. Halloumi Salad with Toasted Almonds and Blackberries

HalloumiI order this every time I go to The Cascade Room on Main Street (even though I thought I hated salads). Love the combo of toasted almonds, briny halloumi and balsamic on a bed of fresh arugula.

4. Grilled Romaine Hearts with Halloumi 

Grilled romaine hearts-webPerfect for summer barbecues, you can enjoy the grilled romaine hearts and halloumi salad from Heirloom Vegetarian with (or instead of!) ribs. 

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