Spring has officially sprung.

Fresh spring vegetables are perhaps the best part of the season (I much prefer munching on a fresh veggie plate than cleaning out the attic!). Spring veggies seem to have a lighter feel to them than winter veggies, which makes them perfect for snacking, bringing to a picnic, or having on the side for BBQs. If you need to refresh your spring recipe lineup, Chef Tim Mackiddie with Jackson-Triggs Estate Winery has shared his favourite spring vegetable recipes with us, and told us which wines are perfect to pair with them.

Jackson Triggs (4 of 11)1. Wild Leek and Potato Soup With Wilted Leek Greens

This deliciously creamy leek and potato soup will have you begging for cold weather back so you can enjoy your spring veggies wrapped up in a blanket winter-style. Fortunately for this soup, here in Vancouver we get plenty of rain in the spring-time, so feel free to make your soup, and eat it too! This soup pairs well with chardonnay.

asparagus22. Grilled Asparagus With Goat Cheese Aioli

Asparagus is a delicious side for any meal, and you can never go wrong with goat cheese-anything. Combine the two and you’ll be loading your plate with asparagus so high there won’t be any room left. Pair it with sauvignon blanc.

radishes3. Root to Tip Radish Salad

Radishes are great because they grow and mature so quickly, so you can harvest multiple crops of it throughout the season. This salad is great because it uses every part of the radish, so there is little waste. Chef Tim suggests pairing it with a riesling-gewurztraminer blend.

beets4. Warm Beet Salad With Charred Mushroom Vinegar

Another waste-not salad, this recipe uses all parts of the beetroot for a flavourful salad. But be prepared, the delicious charred mushroom vinegar has to sit for two days before using.