A Sunday in August is, as the name implies, a good pairing for a summer day. 

Did you the hear the one about the rock star making crazy low-intervention wines with artist-designed labels? You probably haven’t, because the past two vintages from A Sunday in August—the winery founded by Mike Shindler (formerly of cult fave Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party)—have flown off the shelves.

The good news is that he’s increased production this year up to 1,800 cases, which means you have a decent chance of finding his skin-contact pinot gris, a pink-hued biodynamic marvel of juiciness and clarity, or maybe even his crushably fresh organic merlot/cab.

Two Other Labels That will make You Feel like a Natural Woman (or Man) 

Neon Eon
The Scooby Doo-fonted label comes from the scion of the family that owns Sage Hills: biodynamic Pét-Nat and nicely wonky sauvignon blanc.

Rigour and Whimsy
A two-month, skin-fermented pinot blanc is not a wine you run into every day. Or ever, really. An orange wonder of tightness and crisp fruit.