10 bathing beauties that pair style with pampering.

A great bathroom is a space where you can truly retreat—and these 10 rooms are made for hours in the tub with a good book. Click below to launch the photo gallery.

It's a washroom in the truest sense of the word: 49 square feet of pure shower room. €œIt's like a luxurious locker room,€ says Vancouver homeowner Jennifer Lindberg of her wet room, the result of a collaboration with designer Marianne Amodio. There are no countertops, no tub, just a minimalist porcelain Duravit sink tucked neatly in the corner, dry towels and cozy robes that hang out of spray's way on a chrome rack€”and of course, a shower­head.More on this space, here.

Designer Kevin Mitchell, former of Douglas Cridland Design, now Mitchell Design House, covered this entire bathroom with silver leaf€”a glittering surface that will change over time. €œIt's a living patina,€ explains Mitchell. €œIf you replace a square, the sheen is a little different, but it adds to the effect over time. The way it looks right now isn€™t necessarily the same as how it will look a year from now.€ (Photo: Martin Tessler)More on this space, here.

Designers Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds of Falken Reynolds Interiors transformed the dated home into a lavish mountain getaway for the Vancouver-based homeowners, bringing Scandinavian style to the slopes. (Photo: Janis Nicolay)More on this space, here.

Designer Karin Bohn of Moeski Design Agency loves the look of marble in a bathroom€”and even more so when it's everywhere. The white and bright material covers the floors, the walls and the lining of the shower, with smaller mosaic tile on the floor to provide grip and the right angle for drainage. Framed mirrors offer just enough visual break and serve to warm up the cool marble, too. (photo by Provoke Studios | Amanda Oster)More on this space, here.

There's loads of storage in this Canmore, B.C., kitchen designed by Amanda Hamilton, but three rift-cut white-oak shelves provide a little display for extra-special dishware. Because millwork often carries up to the ceiling in kitchens, notes Hamilton, open shelving offers the opportunity to introduce some personal style. €œIt's also the perfect spot for wineglasses, so your guests can help themselves.€More on this kitchen, here.

When the homeowner was renovating the upper level of her home, designer Negar Reihani of Space Harmony suggested she position the ensuite shower under the skylight, creating a rare opportunity to bathe in natural sunlight. Clad in natural stone, the simple space doesn€™t need many bells and whistles to shine: a wrap-around bench, a gorgeous sunny day, and it's a room made for luxuriating. (Photo: Colin Perry)More on this space, here.

There's an edge of girlishness to designer Kerri Watson's master bath: a curvy mirror, soft lighting and even a matte gold chandelier. Yet the design has its masculine side, too. €œDifferent shades of white and cream are layered to create a subtle backdrop that shows off sexy black doors, like a tuxedo,€ says Watson. €œPolished chrome doorknobs are like silver Tiffany cufflinks.€ There's just something about dressing up. (Photo: Janis Nicolay)More on this space, here.

In designing the ensuite to his and his wife's master bedroom, architect Ryan Scarff wanted an adults-only sanctuary€”an extension of their bedroom that was intended to be (for the most part) off limits to the couple's young son and daughter, who had the run of the rest of their family-focused, contemporary Calgary home. (Photo: Bruce Edward)More on this space, here.

The resin antler fixture above the bath is a modern update of classic Rocky Mountain design, in this Canmore home by Paul Lavoie. (Photo: Robert Lemermeyer)

Spotlighted by a glam Barbara Barry pendant light, the classic clawfoot tub from Victoria and Albert is perfectly positioned for a soak and a view of the mountains outside. Room designed by Allison Grafton and Lindsey Zugelder of Rockwood Custom Homes. (Photo: Martin TesslerMore on this space, here.