Since we’ll likely still be spending our most of our days at the home office for the foreseeable future, we've rounded up some home offices that creatively and stylishly make an office space function just about anywhere in the home. 


Designers Travis Hanks and Shirley Shen (of Haeccity Studio Architecture) redesigned this Richmond condo with functionality in mind. The room maximizes space, with storage cubbies lining the walls. While the homeowners were torn between a home office and a guest room, not to worry, the designers gave them both€”a desk on a track that slides out of the way as needed. Now, with having desk space being more important than maybe ever before, this home office shows how a room can serve multiple purposes.

Open and Airy

Who said your office has to be confined to a strictly-for-work room? Here, designer Sydney Carlaw opened up the floor plan in this 1,600 square foot condo, and a desk fits wonderfully in this now-open and airy space. She also replaced the solid wall with a sliding black metal door, allowing natural light from the windows in the bump-out nook to brighten the space. The wall-mounted desk lamp is also a jazzy addition.

Bedroom Meets Office

If a desk space wasn€™t something you already had when everything went remote in March, this New York-style apartment in Vancouver's Crosstown district shows how the bedroom can also be your-work-from-home room. The sleek dark wood from Bensen and the exposed industrial shelving that are perfect for displaying books or homeware, making this office look sleek. And one can literally roll out of bed and head to work€”although we€™d maybe recommend making the bed, just in case it ends up in the Zoom background.

Little Nook 

While the kitchens are the focal point of designer (and cookbook collector) France Lefebvre's home, this little office nooks also charms. This little office alcove proves that desk space can be snuggled in just about anywhere€”while being both functional and adorable.

Maximizing Space

If the shoe, well, desk in this case, fits€”then a home office can literally be anywhere. Ami McKay, designing for a client with three children, this work-from-home space makes the most of an awkward empty space under the staircase that could be (and now is) filled. And in a time where a desk space at home is now essential to many, this shows us how to take advantage of vacant space.

Minimal Modern 

When designer Sophie Burke helped reimagine this 1980s loft in Yaletown, she made sure the space realized its full potential. With this custom desk, this office nook is industrial, clean and modern. As well, for a smaller spaces, organization and storage can be essential, so this and built-in storage (and the Ikea boxes tucked underneath) is perfect for keeping the area tidy.