We love going out for drinks, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up at home instead—especially when you have a beautiful built-in bar, like these seven homes from the WL archives.

Photo: Ema Peter

Make It a Double

A bar that works just as well for brewing a morning coffee as it does for mixing a nightcap? We’ll take it! Not to mention, it perfectly matches the rest of this 2,400-square-foot home. Designer Andrea McLean really wanted to use only one material, so she brought the walnut millwork from the kitchen to the dining room—and beyond. Step inside the Big Sky Beach House.

Photo: Phil Crozier

That’s the Spirit

It’s hard to believe that this space is inside someone’s home and not a swanky restaurant—but that’s the truth! Paul Lavoie and Julie Lanctot went all out on the design of this home bar, bringing in hot-pink stools to complement the ombré-purple facade. Check out the rest of this colourful Calgary abode.

Photo: Michelle Johnson

Old Fashioned

With an antique mirror backsplash, this built-in bar gives off vintage vibes. It’s also glitzy and glamourous, fitting right into this 8,000-square-foot Calgary residence designed by Katie Rioux and Candice Arcuri of DWK Interiors. Tour this high fashion-inspired home.

Photo: Ema Peter

Centre Ice

At Dan Hamhuis’s home, the bar is in the middle of the action. Designers Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds decided to install it between the kitchen and living room, allowing the former NHL player to easily mix cocktails for guests. Do you think they’re as strong as his defensive skills? See more photos of this modern home.

A Dash of Drama

This home bar may be small on square footage, but it’s big on style thanks to the grey-stained parquet flooring, bold brass accents and dark green cabinetry. “A lot of people think that in a small space, you need lighter colours,” says designer Alykhan Velji. “But you can have opulence, and be quite dramatic.” Find out how to get this look at home.

Bottle Service

This tiny home bar designed by Karen Attwell, creative director of Form Interiors, offers a master class in storage. She and her team managed to fit 56 pieces of glassware, side-by-side wine and beverage fridges, an ice mixer, pull-up seating and more into just 75 square feet. Learn more about the design of this elegant space.

Photo: Jeffrey Liu

Tall Boy

Pre-renovation, this loft apartment lacked a proper space for cooking and entertaining—so designer Jeffrey Liu made sure to incorporate a beautiful kitchen island and a full-height bar. The thin shelving profile with integrated lighting adds a layer of sophistication, counterbalancing the thick counters and concrete surfaces that surround it. See the before and after photos.