This Edmonton space is oh-so-cozy€”and packed with plenty of personality.

`WL0115.loriDundasRoom.Curtis ComeauWhen asked to decorate a home-away-from-home Edmonton condo for a client who frequently travels to the city for work, interior designer Lori Dundas imagined a space that was playful, yet edgy. “I wanted to create something with no resemblance to the hotels he was used to staying in,” she explains. She eschewed neutrals in favour of vibrant modern art and striking pops of red and orange, but also incorporated cozy, rustic touches—a plaid sofa, the cowhide rug—to add a homey warmth. To replicate this ambience, Dundas recommends a slightly eclectic finishing touch—an item you wouldn’t normally expect to work. Case in point: the oversized orange Foscarini rubber lamp suspended in the corner here. “It’s a creative moment that people notice and talk about,” says Dundas. “And one you’ll really come to appreciate.”


A custom sofa and ottoman (pictured above) are the centrepieces of this welcoming living space. ldidesign.caUTO_suspension_orangeHang the Foscarini Uto light ($685) in multi­ples for an even bigger visual impact. 3DeerHeads.DecorDesignsVinyl decals, like these deer heads ($45), are inexpensive and easy to install. EraCTable.CrateBarrelBalance out rustic touches with a modern piece like the Era C Table ($349).