The cold, wet and windy weather has officially descended upon Western Canada. While our first instinct is to escape to sunnier climes, we understand there are less complicated ways to stay warm—like snuggling up in front of a fireplace. Don’t have one of your own? Take a look at these nine beautiful designs and think cozy thoughts.

Falken Reynolds Long Weekend - Stone Fireplace 2
Photo: Ema Peter

Rock Solid

Nothing in this waterfront home on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast was meant to distract from the view, but we can’t stop staring at the flagstone fireplace. The warm tones, firewood niche and star-shaped clock were enough to give it a vintage feel, and then the team at Falken Reynolds added a collection of mid-century furniture to the mix. Swoon. Peek inside this coastal getaway.

Photo: Ema Peter

Low Profile

Just because a space has a 12-foot ceiling doesn’t mean everything has to be tall. Take this living room, for example. Designer Mark Simone juxtaposed its height with a hearth that’s more horizontal than vertical. The low profile of the fireplace—and the palette of warm woods and whites—makes the room feel bright, airy and expansive. Be inspired by this North Vancouver home.

Photo: Sharon Litchfield

State of Clay

At first glance, the fireplace seems simple compared to the rest of the elements in this Brianna Hughes-designed space—but upon closer inspection, it’s clear it fits right in. The custom clay finish complements the built-in reeded banquets, rust-coloured armchairs and marble tables. Here, it’s all about layering materials and textures. Tour this moody Edmonton home.

Photo: Provoke Studios

Control Panel

What do you get when you pair a modern aesthetic with a traditional material? A show-stopping fireplace, that’s what! You also get really, really happy homeowners. Beyond Beige’s Reisa Pollard found that these walnut panels were the perfect compromise, simultaneously pushing her clients’ boundaries and staying within their comfort zones. Learn more trade secrets from this Vancouver home.

Photo: Janis Nicolay

Claim to Frame

Despite being in “a great state of disrepair” (designer Denise Ashmore’s words—not ours!), this 109-year-old home in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood showed potential. All it needed was a little love, and someone to carefully balance renovation with preservation. In the living room, the home’s original wall trim and stained-glass windows frame the modern limestone fireplace. See more before and after photos.

Photo: Janis Nicolay

Piece of Art

Marianne Amodio of MA+HG Architects arranged these multi-hued and -patterned tiles 24 different times before deciding this was the winning look. It’s safe to say the hard work paid off, resulting in a beautiful homage to colour and contrast. “I was able to tap into a part of myself where it was almost intuitive design,” says the architect. Step inside the MAD house.

Photo: Michelle Johnson

Touchy Feely

Every surface in this 8,000-square-foot Calgary home—from the velvet sofas and cowhide ottomans to the Dekton stone kitchen cabinets—is begging for you to reach out and touch it. That includes the fireplace in the great room, which has been finished with a 3D mosaic tile. It’s a glitzy, glamorous look that grabs everyone’s attention. Explore the rest of this fashion-inspired home designed by DWK Interiors.

Photo: Ema Peter

Flex Space

When Andrea McLean discovered that the owners of this White Rock, B.C. home have a penchant for rearranging furniture, she decided to fully embrace flexible design. That included placing the suspended fireplace in the middle of the open-concept living area. It rotates 360 degrees—so wherever the Togo sofa and chair go, it goes. See more of this incredible renovation.

Photo: Tracey Ayton

Birch, Please!

Homeowner Gary Baerg isn’t the only one who appreciates this strikingly simple fireplace—guests love it, too. “It’s like they’re tractor-beamed into the corner by the fire,” he says. “People love being in a blanket there; it’s unbelievably cozy.” The 12-foot-tall wood installation, made with panels of real birch tree, lends even more warmth to the space. Check out the rest of this Vancouver condo from designer Jamie Deck.