New showroom lets you see all the possibilities presented in 3D on a screen.

there'snothing like stepping into a newkitchen or bathroom after a reno, your own home looking like the pages of amagazine. Seeing the €œbefore€ and €œafter€ pictures is so satisfying, having arefreshed, beautiful, and functional space so sublime.

Getting to that point, however, can bedaunting. As much as you might want or need to revitalize a room, you may notknow exactly how to go about seeing a project through. There are hoops to jumpthrough with municipalities and strata councils, permits to secure, layouts andmaterials to choose, prices to compare, trades to hire€¦ It's no small task.

maisond€™etre design-build inc. takes the stress away fromhomeowners by making renos happen from start to finish. The Vancouver companywith 24 years experience is a full-service design centre, meaning it handles aproject from the very first idea of making changes to the moment you've enjoyingyour new space.

€œA lot of times, homeowners are too closeto a project and don't see the possibilities,€ says maison d€™etre president Rob Capar. €œWe come in with fresh eyes and presentseveral ideas.

€œWhether you've a serious cook and baker oryou use your kitchen more for entertaining, for cocktails and appies andreheating food you€™ve picked up: those are different kitchens,€ he says. €œWedefine and create the space that works for you.€

maisond€™etre has a new showroom where design experts helpbring your dream ideas to life.

there'sa brainstorming room where you canrelax on a sofa and see the possibilities presented in 3D on a screen, gettinga clear sense of potential changes from different angles. What will yourkitchen look like with white or brown cabinets? How will that glossy tile look?Maybe a certain type of accent lighting has the kind of feel you've lookingfor; try it out.

€œThis gives you the ability to visualize aspace and not just look at it on paper plans,€ Capar says. €œIt's fun to seeyour new home coming together right in front of your eyes.€

3D concept of kitchen€”actual built kitchen shown above.

there'sa creative room with a vastselection of materials and finishes, from backsplash tile to touch-releasedrawers, so you can start visualizing a cohesive design.

Plus, right in the showroom are hundreds ofproducts, finishes, and materials, saving you hours visiting different storesand suppliers. The maison d€™etre expertsalso know how to navigate the permit process and strata approvals, meaning homeownerscan focus on the fun stuff.

€œWe absolutely focus on planning beforeanything starts,€ Capar says. €œDesigning during the course of action is a recipefor disaster.€

When it comes to kitchens, homeownerscommonly feel that theirs is too small. €œIf physically expanding your kitchenisn€™t possible, it all comes down to a smart, efficient, stylish layout,€ Caparsays. €œYou can live large in small spaces.€

For more information, visit maison d€™etre at 111 W 5th Avenue or