Find your next Feiss lighting fixture at Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre

The right lighting fixture can make an incredible difference adding style, ambiance and function to any given space. Take for instance the 4-Light Lumière Chandelier by Feiss, inspired by handcrafted, artisan craftsmanship, with character that evokes a French countryside charm. Exceptional details provide clear indication of the fine artistry that went into its design. Drawing from a lantern silhouette, the chandelier’s natural oak and seeded glass elicits a welcoming feeling and creates a stunning focal point in your home.Here are four good reasons to consider Feiss’s 4-Light Lumière Chandelier.1. True AdaptabilityThe elongated rectangular frame may fit perfectly over your kitchen island but the options don’t end there. High hallway ceilings, spotlighted desk spaces, libraries, offices and bedrooms alike would benefit from this oak and glass fixture.2. Warm AmbianceSometimes bright lighting can feel harsh or sterile. The 4-Light Lumière Chandelier emits a warm ambiance that makes any room instantly cozier€”whether you want to invite family and friends into the heart of your home or keep a calm escape all to yourself.3. Country-Chic StyleThe crosshatch pattern of this lantern-inspired silhouette transports you straight to a quiet cottage getaway. Layered textures of wood and glass inspired by artisan craftsmanship put this chandelier in the design spotlight.4. Total GrandeurThe oversized nature of this fixture lights up a space of any size. Combined with its adaptability, warmth and artisan style, the 4-Light Lumière Chandelier serves as a statement piece in any room.With more than 75 years of experience helping customers choose lighting, the experts at Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre can help bring your dream home to