Bring On The Rain

The best part of crisp fall days and dark, rainy nights is the shift into fireplace season. It's time to pull out your favorite velvet-soft throw, extra-large mug of (spiked?) hot chocolate and cozy up. To keep you even warmer, here's a list of six of our favourite fireplaces from the WL archives. It's never too early to hygge.

1. Spectacular Structure

In a collaboration with Bold Construction, Beyond Beige's Reisa Pollard stuns with this showstopper of a fireplace. It combines modern design and traditional materials to create a hearth so beautiful, we could stare at it all day.

2. All Tiled Up

This tiled fireplace is a nod to the homeowners€™ love of Moorish influence on Spanish architecture. Designer Marianne Amodio crafted this colourful, eye-catching façade which is truly a piece of art.

3. Scandi Snow Day

Speaking of hygge, this alpine ski-cabin is fully inspired by it. Luxe but down-to-earth, this cabin features a stone-encased, wood-burning fireplace ideal après a snow day. 

4. Silver Sophistication

Autumn isn€™t always fallen foliage and plaid blankets: here, crisp marble modernity houses a cozy refuge of a fireplace. We can€™t imagine anything better on cold fall day.

5. Small But Mighty

Designer Jennifer Connolly pulled off the perfect redesign of a Penticton cabin. With only 750 square feet, it was already the definition of cozy. But when Jennifer added a stone fireplace that climbs to the ceiling, she made this small living room feel spacious and welcoming.

6. Artistic Aptitude

This Vancouver home has not one, but three gorgeous fireplaces. One made of custom bronze brings light and depth to the living room, modern limestone encases the fireplace in the bedroom and then finally, Corten steel invokes texture and warmth while you heat up outside.