Add a little wow to a room with one of these dynamic wild cards.

From side tables and poufs to terrariums and mirrors, we’ve found the season’s hottest home accessories.

The Lake Collection rug (from $15,975), designed by Raw Edges for Golran, transforms depending on your viewpoint, much like a body of water€”yet this shimmering optical illusion is solidly at home.;

Calligaris collaborated with Christian Dal Bianco on the arabesque-screen-printed Damasco mirror (from $231), and the result reflects (pun intended) a shared love of bold style. Studio Y Design, Victoria,; Calligaris, Vancouver,; Le Belle Arti, Calgary and Edmonton,

With its bold hue and trim silhouette, the Pix pouf by Arper (from mini to five-seater, starting at $1,200) is not your standard seat.;

The charred Teton trunk ($599) from Crate and Barrel isa stump-cum-stool with a bit of heavy-metal

The Cascade woolblanket ($300), designed by Vancouver's PostProjects for Umbra and woven at Oregon's Pendleton Woolen Mills, is an abstract-yet-organic interpretation of the coastal mountains.;

Designer’s Pick by Reena Sotropa

Reena Sotropa is the co-founder and principal designer of Corea Sotropa Interior Design in Calgary.DesignerPick_Sotropa“My go-to accessories right now are beautiful nature-inspired objects like petrified wood, smoked crystals, geodes, terrariums and juju hats. Textural, organic elements like stone, succulents or feathers create balance and a wonderful juxtaposition in interiors.”