Come winter time, our skincare needs an extra dose of care€”and these are the products our editors are turning to right now.

Caudalie Reserveratrol-Lift-1 Firming Cashmere Cream, $79

There was a time when my biggest skincare fears were battling an oily T-zone, and really, I couldn’t find a moisturizer that didn’t feel like it was just floating on top of my skin. Then my mid-40s hit, and now I’ve got a moisture-hungry face that lives for anything that says “rich” in the description. I was late to discovering Caudalie’s lovely skincare line€”a friend raved her skin was transformed by it, and so I tested out their Vinoperfect Radiance serum and Grape Water about a year ago, and I’ve become kind of obsessed. Now, even more so with their latest updates: the Resveratrol-Lift-1 line is now super clean (no PEGs or silicones, and they’ve always been paraben-free), plus the whole company has committed to going zero-waste by 2022. And yes, anything called “cashmere” is bound to get me excited: but really, my face feels as soft-1 as summer, and we’re deep into depressing January here. Sold.€”Anicka Quin, editorial director

Lush’s Ultraplant Facial Cleanser, $19

This cleanser and I got off to a really rough start. The consistency is very similar to the coconut oil that you buy in a jar, and it turns out that if you apply it to your wet face and try to work it into a lather, you'll be treated to a sticky, oily mess. I texted a picture to a friend of mine who works at Lush, along with the question, €œIs this supposed to be this gross?€ I thought maybe it had gone bad (curse you, Lush, and your vegan, non-preservative ways).

She kindly let me know that I was using the cream cleanser completely wrong. you've meant to apply it dry, similar to the way you would apply moisturizer, then wipe it away with a damp facecloth. Those instructions are right on the package, BTW. Oops. The cleanser is made with jojoba oil (to melt away dirt and makeup), moisturizing agave nectar, and candelilla wax that €œseals in€ the moisture. For my dry winter skin, It's great for hydration€”and massaging it into my face is literally my favourite daily activity (the bar is low, we're in trying times).€”Alyssa Hirose, assistant editor

Paula’s Choice Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 $28USD

You may recall we went through this exercise a year ago, and at that time I was complaining that I hadn’t been to the USA in a while and, as such, was out of my beloved Trader Joe’s SPF Face Cream. But I had found a pretty sweet albeit more expensive replacement from Lululemon of all places. Well, I must be face cream cursed, because not only have I still not been to the USA (what am I, some sort of Alberta MLA?), Lululemon also discontinued their face cream. Luckily, salvation came in an aluminum fishing boat this summer, courtesy of my friend Chris. No, we weren’t talking about face cream, but it was sunny and hot and I complained about the Trader Joe’s sitch and he tossed me a tube of this stuff from the Seattle-based Paula’s Choice and it’s dynamite. It’s very light, absorbs very quickly and has no scent€”all things a manly fisherman is looking for in a face cream. Also after the face cream interlude we caught a lot of fish and drank like 80 beers. Just so we’re clear.€”Neal McLennan, Food Editor

Curel’s Rough Skin Rescue, $10.99

OK, I feel a bit of guilt here in recommending a non-local product. But hey, the fact I’m recommending anything at all instead of simply “toughing it out” is a minor miracle. It turns out that the crap weather€”combined with constantly washing and/or sanitizing my hands and trying to shoot hoops most days€”has really done a number on my palms and fingers, to the point where my partner has planted this stuff right on my desk and implored that I use it. And… things have gotten better! The bottle says this stuff is “dermatologist recommended” and while I have no idea whether that’s true, I can say it’s definitely “dude who knows absolutely nothing about skincare recommended.”€”Nathan Caddell, associate editor