Ikea’s new limited collections feature the work of street artists from around the globe.

A couple of novel collections are dropping April 1 at Ikea stores globally, and both play on an interesting concept. The first, launched as an art event in store, is the end result of a collaboration with street artists from around the world. The limited-run posters are thought-provoking, creative, wildly colourful—and not just there to match the sofa.The second, the ÖNSKEDRÖM collection, is a lighthearted, six-week run of playful pieces based on the works of much-beloved Swedish graphic designer, Olle Eskell. Perhaps sweetest are the late designer’s bird illustrations: part human, part caricature, they offer a happy conversation starter on a sweet serving tray.Art event and ÖNSKEDRÖM collections at Ikea stores April 1, 2015, ikea.ca