Over here at Western Living, we like to get our wish lists started early.

coffee maker

1. Pulcina Coffee Maker, Alessi

Fall is made for lazy Saturday mornings, Netflix marathons and stovetop-brewed coffee. Alessi is already the king of stovetop brewing (their iconic kettle by Michael Graves just celebrated its 30th anniversary); its new Pulcina coffee maker (from $88) is beautiful, yes, but it’s also a rethink on the classic stovetop brew: the spherical water tank narrows toward the top, creating a pressurized compartment that creates an even better cup of coffee. (Though to be honest, I just love the way it looks. Better-tasting coffee is the bonus.) —Anicka Quin, Editor-in-Chief

hudson's bay blanket

2. Scarlet Point Blanket, Hudson’s Bay

Finding heirloom pieces is increasingly tricky in our throwaway world. Finding heirloom pieces that are actually affordable is almost unheard of. But you can stroll into any number of Bays in the West and pick up a point blanket that is not just stunning as a décor piece, but has the history of the entire country behind it. You can go for the classic green, red, yellow and blue stripe and it still looks great, but the Bay has slapped that pattern on so much, including a good number of lesser, non-point blankets, that it loses some of its visual pop for me. But if you still want a blast of colour, I favour the scarlet and black ($395 for a Queen). Unlike the taupe or grey varieties it still has the echo of history and it’s the perfect pop for an otherwise minimalist room. Your great grandkids will thank you. —Neal McLennan, Food and Travel Editor

ESKAYEL pillows

3. Eskayel Waterston Cushions, Shanan Campanaro

Watercolour painting—which TAs in my fine art classes said was only for elementary school children and grannies—is super hot right now (in your face, Christophe!) And ever since I spied these moody and inky watercolour print cushions at Provide, I have been OBSESSED. Each bespoke pillow is based off New York designer Shanan Campanaro’s paintings—so sofas and side chairs can become extra places for staging gorgeous art in the home any time of year. Eskayel Waterston cushions in Hive and Jangala ($288 each). —Julia Dilworth, Staff Writer

cb2 midnight blue

4. Marta Highball Glasses, cb2

These midnight blue Marta highball glasses ($3.50 each) remind me of my grandmother’s vintage collection of glassware, which in turn reminds me of cozy, noisy family dinners on dark autumn nights. Pair these bad boys with some on-trend gold flatware and a few hits of marble, though, and you’ve got a modern interpretation of that nostalgic table setting just right for fall 2015. —Stacey McLachlan, Associate Editor

hay chair

5. Uchiwa Lounge Chair, Hay

I’ve had my eye on this baby for a while. Black is my signature interior (and exterior) home colour. Here the black is softened with organic tones and soft upholstery. The shape is new, yet familiar, and fits nicely in a home that mixes new and old. —Paul Roelofs, Art Director