In years past we might do a summer luggage round-up as everyone gets ready for the European grand tours. This year, we’re pretty sure you don’t need the drop the $$$ on that brand new Rimowa or Tumi.

Instead, let’s retool to think what we’re actually likely to be doing: hopping in our cars and driving somewhere to enjoy nature in a more old-fashioned way: the picnic. The staple of English life of yesteryear is going to be back big-time this year. Let’s make sure you’re outfitted, whatever your budget.

The Budget Choice

Coleman Hard Cooler, 15L $28-$45

There’s nothing wrong with good ol’ Coleman. There’s nothing especially right either€”they finish is just average and the cold-keeping performance is just so-so. But they’ve updated the packaging a bit to hang with the times. The new look will set you back $45, but the same cooler with old-school Coleman looks is $28, which is a pretty amazing deal for a unit that will keep beverages cold, cold cuts safe and double as a small seat. I wouldn’t use if for raw chicken thighs, mind you.

The We’re-Not-Fooling-Around Choice

Igloo BMX 25L $113

Igloo has long been a notch up the food chain from Coleman, and this model has a bunch of bells and whistles one would expect from a higher-end cooler, like secure rubber latches and rust-resistant steel hinges. It advertises ice retention for 4 to 5 days, which even if an under-ideal-circumstances sort of claim, is damn impressive. I don’t know where the BMX part comes in: is it in reference to the bike favoured by kids and older dirtballs? If so, an odd choice for a pretty great cooler.

The Cooler That You Pass On To Your Kids (And They To Theirs)

The Yeti Roadie 20 $240

I’m going to be honest: other than a few commercial fisherman and a few people who live off grid, you probably don’t need the power of a Yeti. Everything about it€”ice retention, hinges, lid fit, 5-year warranty and anything that might not work perfectly€”is top of the line, but is that going to make a difference at your picnic? Probably not€”but here’s the way I see it: where else can I buy the very best of something for such a modest investment? If I’m deciding between a suitable car and an Aston Martin, the difference is several thousand dollars. To get the best-of-the-best in the cooler world? And extra C-note, and it’s one sale right now. Done and done.