It's definitely the quietest and cleanest.

juicepressoIt’s a given that you should be drinking fresh juice but accomplishing this nutritional edict is easier said than done. You can go to any number of fresh juice stores where a cheerful young person will not bat an eye about charging you $12 ($12!) for a glass of juice. You can swing buy your local department store and pick up a serviceable centrifugal juicer for under $200, but the clean up is murder and centrifugal juicers can only juice a few select fruit and veg well. Or you can just bite the bullet and buy a cold-pressed juicer. It what they use in those fancy stores, but the downsides were that they we’re majorly expensive and majorly messy. Enter Juicepresso, a new machine that offers both reasonable cost (at $500 it’s on the low end of cold press juicers) and the promise of easy clean up.We took one for a spin at the WL test kitchen and it performed well. Tomatoes, apples and grapes were expertly extracted, kale seemingly not quite as good as a centrifugal juicer. The resulting juice suffered none of the separation issue that lesser juicers did and supposedly the juice from the Juicepresso will last a few days in the fridge. Clean up was super easy and the thing was quiet compared to other juicers we’ve tested.Verdict: At $500 the Juicepresso is not cheap, but the sad truth is healthy juice is not cheap to either make or buy. It’s a winner on the noise and clean up side of things. All in all a great machine.