The Victoria-based artist wants to spread happiness. 

Personal stories eloquently worked into metal are at the heart of jewellery maker Shannon Munro's work. A great piece of bling is one that €œevokes feelings in the wearer,€ says the Victoria-based artist, who handcrafts one-of-a-kind accessories using high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Inspired by significant moments in her life, Munro's organically shaped rings, necklaces and bracelets tell a tale beyond their aesthetic beauty: a gold-plated sun pendant that gives nod to the summer day she met her partner; a €™60s- and '70s-inspired collection made up of hoop earrings and sterling-silver stacked rings that pay homage to her mother and other powerful female forces.

Munro finds joy in fostering a connection between the wearer and her jewellery. €œI'm most proud to hear that my jewellery brings people happiness,€ she says.