You tell us another area where you can buy the very height of technology for less than the price of seeing Jurassic World.

When Harry’s, the U.S.-based online startup, started promising a new cool way of shaving, I was hooked. I signed up to be notified as soon as they started shipping to Canada and when they did I was at the front of the line to get a very cool-looking razor, some shave cream and a pair of replacement blades for $15.My Winston razor arrived and it looked awesome.harrys-winston-razorIt just didn’t work very well (at least for a guy who only shaves once or twice a week). It clogged and no amount of shine makes up for that.I consigned it to my travel bag and reluctantly skulked back to the shaving aisle of my local big box pharmacy and plonked down the same amount for Gillette‘s new product—the Fusion Power ProGlide. It had little of the sex appeal of my hipster Harry’s razor, although it did have a power button. It also came with the looming spectre of buying replacement blades at such an annoyingly high cost that, like the ingredients to make crystal meth, they’re kept behind lock and key at the store.gillette-fusion-proglide-power-razor-with-flexball-dwnAnd then I used and it all my concerns disappeared. It is simply the greatest razor I’ve ever used.It cuts through scruff like it has an animus towards it. It never clogs. The power button actually works. I’ve now come to think that complaining about the cost of the replacements blades is like choosing a Ford Focus over a Porsche 911 because the Porsche needs premium gas.So if Dad has this latest marvel then you can go for a bottle of Scotch, a leather bag or a smart-looking pocket square. But if he doesn’t, you’ll change a small part of his life for $15—and doesn’t the old guy deserve that?