Your everyday brewing, grinding, roasting and toasting just got a whole lot easier.

1. Toasty Team

Those iconic red dials that universally signal you went deep on your kitchen reno can now be had for a fraction of the price with Wolf’s new toaster (left) and toaster oven (right), which promise to make the one-time simple task of toasting something to get excited about.

2. Elevated Joe

There’s no doubting the efficiency of a French press, but until now the design has remained function first, with form staying stuck in the era when Abba ruled the airwaves. Enter English firm La Cafetière and their Lexi bone china French press, which gives the old standby an upscale porcelain makeover.

3. Cold Comfort

It you don’t know the difference between iced coffee and cold brew, it’s time to set you straight. The former is a bitter mess that’s essentially very strong, hot coffee, cooled down on ice. The latter is a smooth, almost creamy pleasure that’s the perfect summer drink. The key to cold brew is a long steep—12 to 24 hours—with freshly ground coffee beans with a very coarse grind. The good news is hardware, like the Mizudashi from Hario (left) is ultra-affordable, which means you can splurge on a solid burr grounder like the Dose Control from Breville (right). Pair them together and you’re in for less than many a drip coffee machine, and you’re on your way to gloriously smooth cold brew nirvana.

4. One Perfect Roaster

“Why spend money on a great roaster,” I asked. Three times in the last four years, actually. And for the price of those shoddy non-stick numbers I bought, I could have a beautiful heirloom piece that roasts perfectly and can handle the gravy whisking without flaking (like this All-Clad stainless steel roaster). Really, don’t cheap out on the two most important meals of the year.

5. Fine Tuned

If you’re investing in a beautiful piece of whole tenderloin, then it’s time to ditch that 20-year-old supermarket meat thermometer you’re still using and upgrade to this thin digital CDN ProAccurate Quick-Read thermometer that doesn’t poke huge holes in your roast and, go figure, accurately tells the temperature—both of which are key to medium-rare perfection.

6. Squeaky Clean

Who doesn’t love the pomp associated with serving wine in a decanter? The poor sap who has to clean it, that’s who. But Cuisipro has tapped into their inner child to create this new magnetic spot scrubber that goes where no hand has gone before. Bring on the Barolo!

7. Wine Away

Walla Walla, the home of Bing Crosby and famed sweet onions, has, as of late, become the increasingly hip capital of Washington’s wine industry. The area is known for big cabernet and inky syrah—both of which leave a wallop of a stain if spilled. Enter local product Wine Away—the slick packaging hides what is without a doubt the greatest red wine stain remover on the planet.

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