Avoid this common mistake in appliance shopping.

If you ask any Trail Appliances Product Expert what questions they get the most, they’ll say appliance shoppers want to know if the appliance they want will fit in the space they have available.But the surprising thingis that when it comes to measuring, consumers tend to measure the size of their current appliances, not the space they’re stored in.Avoid this common mistake by being a savvy shopper. Knowing where your new appliances will live, complete with measurements, delivery path and technical details, will help you make the right selection, the first time. And you might find you have the space for something bigger and better!

Important Measurements to Consider

In Your Kitchen: If you have a kitchen island, note the distance to the opposite cabinet or wall. You don’t want to get your new dishwasher installed only to discover the door doesn’t open fully.In Your Laundry Room: Ensure there’s enough room for the doors to open on your new washer and dryer. Do you have enough clearance for your dryer vent? Check to make sure you have enough room for your potential laundry set to not only fit, but to operate as well.Delivery Path: Walk (and measure) the path your new appliances will take to get to their new home. Are there potential delivery obstacles such as stairs or a tight turn? Can doors be easily removed to get your new appliances in (and your old ones out), or do you need to find an alternate route?

Technical (But Important) Details:

Ensure you have a water connection for your washer and dishwasher (and fridge if necessary), and that it’s close enough to be used.If you’re upgrading to a newer, more powerful hoodfan, make sure your kitchen ducting can support it.Electrical requirements vary depending on the appliance. Your new dryer or cooktop might need a grounded 240V plugin instead of the standard 110V.

Don’t Forget the Pictures (Just In Case):

Your Trail Appliances Product Expert might spot something in the space you’ve allotted to your new wall oven that you didn’t account for – like recognizing the space only works for a left-hinge door opening instead of a right-hinge one.Being prepared will make shopping for your new appliances less stressful for everyone involved. Visit the Trail Appliances blog for more details or for copies of measuring checklists. If you’re ready to come in, stop by any of their 7 Showrooms to speak to a Product Expert.