Our November/December edition is just about to hit the presses, so we’ve been in holiday mode for months here over at Western Living. Which means I am ready to bring on the holiday decor, even if it’s not yet Halloween. (And I’ve got a date with my niece and nephew to do just that: November 1 is their official “get the tree up” day, and I’m here for it.)

Ikea’s 2022 Vinterfint holiday collection (that’s fun to say!) is here for it too. It’s officially dropped, and this year’s collection was inspired by designer Eva Lundgreen’s memories of winter holidays on her grandmother’s farm in Jämtland (also fun to say!).

Here are a few favourites from the collection, which tends to sell out every year (so maybe wait til after I’ve hit them up this weekend, okay?)

How can you not love a Christmas goat? “I loved taking traditional Scandinavian figures like the julbock (Holiday goat) and moose,” says Lundgreen, “and adding pastel colours and folk art-inspired patterns for a modern twist.” $21.99, set of two.
As an avid karaoke fan, I love a good singing Santa and Mrs. Claus. Set of two $13.99
The 24-box advent calendar can be packed up to stuff with treats next year, too. $25.99
I’m always a sucker for a modern tree, and this one is crafted from powder-coated steel and pine. $59.99
More tabletop decor! Love the warm glow of Strala’s wintery white scene, illuminated with LED. $27.99
Christmas goats as tree decorations! Bring it. Set of 3, $16.99
Love these reusable, unbleached paper bags for gifts. $2.99/2 pack

Find these and more of the Vinterfint 2022 collection online and in-store now.